Festicine Kids
Festicine Kids

NEWSLETTER N° 11/2015 Advertising of Festicinekids 17 performed by children and young people by applying the Cut Out animation technique.

April 8th, 2016

After four consecutive days of production and work by children and the whole team of the Festicinekids Foundation it was successfully achieved the goal of the workshop Cut Out and Stop Motion.

For four days the children and youth of the Festicinekids Foundation, were accompanied by the master of fine arts Edgar Alvarez, who helped to the participants in the production of one of the advertising of Festicinekids 17, which will take place from September 22nd to 27th.

Every day, this workshop was developed at the premises of Caribe Plaza Shopping Center, which offered the space for this activity to be possible. Participants learned about animation techniques which they used tools like colors, cuts, clay, cameras, fabrics and many other materials, instruments that actually made the history of this video

Gerardo Nieto
Festicinekids Foundation

Nathaly Gutiérrez Eljach
Press Manager
Festicinekids Foundation

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