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Festicine Kids

NEWSLETTER N° 03/2015 Festicinekids also gets into the roll and participates to make Bolivar a cultural territory.

April 8th, 2016

At the headquarters of the Institute of Culture and Tourism of Bolivar, Icultur, and the presence of Governor Juan Carlos Gossaín, took place the official ceremony of endowments for 47 libraries of the Department.

The Institute of Culture and Tourism of Bolivar, Icultur and the “Bolivar Winner” continuing betting big on the culture of the department. This time 47 libraries in 44 municipalities were provided with technological equipment and furniture as video beams, computers, backdrops for projections, printers, amplification systems, electrical cords, plastic chairs, shelves, tables, cabinets, boards and educational games.

With the delivery of this provision is expected to be an active 2015 year for these libraries, because it is planned to use these spaces for film clubs and artistic and literary workshops training for children and for librarians.

Availing of this space, the director of the Festicinekids Foundation, Gerardo Nieto addressed to the governor to provide services and participation of Festicinekids, in terms of film formation and accompaniment in cinema clubs that will be taking place in these libraries and again foundation agrees and reiterates its commitment to continue working for the integral formation of the new generations of Cartagena and Bolivar.

Gerardo Nieto
Festicinekids Foundation

Nathaly Gutiérrez Eljach
Press Manager
Festicinekids Foundation

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